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Multifunctional verticalizer


Designed by Ponomarev K. Z.

"Katyusha" is a multifunctional verticalizer which helps people with disabilities either to learn to keep their balance and to restore their ability to keep their center of gravity. The name came out spontaneously, so it was named by an instructor for the verticalizer ability to slip.


Centers working with equipment "Katyusha - Ordinary Miracle"

  • — VGK Snezhkom, Krasnogorsk, Moscow region, Russia;
  • — Center for Adaptive Physical Culture and Sports «Energy of Life», Sochi, Russia;
  • — Rehabilitation Centre «Sportmesto», Novosibirsk, Russia;
  • — Russian School of Instructors, St. Petersburg, Russia;
  • — KROO «I can!» Petrozavodsk, Russia;
  • — Union for Assistance to Large Families «We» Reutov, Russia;
  • — Institute of Social Technologies and Ski Complex «Pioneer», Almaty, Kazakhstan;
  • — Druscischool Ski Centre Druskininkai, Lithuania;
  • — Project «Move Team» Minsk, Belarus;
  • — others

"Katyusha" - verticalizer for skiing, skating, rollerblading for people with disabilities.

I first saw a Paraolympic alpine skier in Italy in the Alps in 1990.

A man sitting in a chair attached to a mono ski slipped past me at great speed.

Then I thought, well done! With such a competitive spirit inside, nothing and no disease can stop him…

Since the post-war years, the end of the 40s, the direction of technology, sports, medicine, devices and methods of their use, allowing people with disabilities to improve their health, learn new positive emotions and feelings, is actively developing around the world. Many of these products have led to the emergence of new Paralympic sports.


The program «Katyusha-Ordinary Miracle» was born in 2015 within the walls of the all Russian State Olympic Committee «SNEZHKOM», Krasnogorsk. During this period, only in «Snezhkom» more than 9000 hours of training were held with people with disabilities. The very design of «Katyusha» has undergone many changes. More than 20 different models were created, as well as more auxiliary equipment and various devices. There were articles, certificates and patents. The work is still ongoing.

Ponomarev K.Z.

Вертикализатор Катюша

Yulia Tokareva – Rehabilitation

What is «Katyusha»

Katyusha is, first of all, the result of daily work for several years, which has been conducted and is still conducted today within the walls of the only indoor year-round skiing complex in Russia SNEZKOM combined to engineering thought. We have made more than 20 different models and modifications of this verifier, each of which was tested, analyzed by the instructors working with it, underwent changes and improvements. The same scheme of work was used to create various auxiliary devices for Katyusha. This work is ongoing to this day.

These are some of the results that no one in the world has done before us.

All these technical solutions are patented and have priority.

On the page you can find photo and video material on this work.

Как получить вертикализатор?Как получить вертикализатор?

Katyusha allows you to work

By using the method of skiing with people of any age and weight category suffering from various diseases, such as spina bifida, cerebral palsy, autism, post-stroke lesions, blindness, other forms of ailments, and / or against the background of lesions of any complexity of the musculoskeletal system.

Standing in an upright body position

people with a paralyzed musculoskeletal system, guaranteeing not only the verticalization they need to ensure the repositioning of internal organs, but also socialization, entertainment and maximum safety.

Skating on roller skates

Ice skating and hockey games



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